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Welcome to tjhowse.com! Most of my recent stuff is on my Youtube channel, in my wiki, on Github, or on my Mastodon

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My Old Stuff:

Here's a picture of Bazil that I took.
Animated gif of Brisbane area rainfall radar.
An NS-themed flash movie I made a few years ago.
A collection of photos and some commentary from when I went on a bike hike on Fraser island.
RIP Zoe Killed instantly by a car on the 17th of September, 2007.
Here's some pictures of a WW2 era kerosene burner that I got for my birthday and refurbished.
Here's some pictures of my home network working.

Other People's Stuff:

Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Introversion Software
Bay 12 Games' Dwarf Fortress
Doctor McNinja
Penny Arcade

This site and most of its content is mine.
This website conforms to no known web standards. It was made in vim.
If you want to contact me, I have a gmail address. That should be enough info unless you're a bot