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So what's this Big Island thing?

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In a nutshell, Big Island is a team-based multiplayer game in which two teams compete for supremacy on a big island. One team starts the game defending the island, the other team must assault the island and claim it as their own. The defending team controls a much larger force than the attacking team, but each player can only control one unit. Assisting the defending team are fixed defensive emplacements including radar towers and SAM sites. These emplacements require constant power to remain functional. This power is provided by power plants.

The attacking team has one unit per player. They must fight their way to the centre of the island and claim the objective. They have access to a few different types of units that the defenders do not have access to, such as cruisers and saboteurs.

Each team has a commander that acts as a controller of units not currently being controlled by players. These commanders can only issue basic move orders to AI-controlled units. If a commander sends an order to a player, it is up to the player to follow the order. At the beginning of the game the defending team is in possession of a team of scientists scattered in labs around the island. Capturing these scientists grants benefits to the attacking team, including new and improved units.

The gameplay of Big Island is fairly simple. There is a combination of hard and soft counters. Assaulting a SAM site from air would surely be suicidal, but if a saboteur, being invisible to sensors but not to direct sight, manages to disable a power plant or the SAM site directly, an air assault would be trivial. Feints, deception and smooth execution of tactics will be vital for success.

For the alpha currently in production the graphics consist of 2d sprites. As development progresses 3D graphics will be introduced. The eventual goal is to have stylised, functional graphics, such as those in A New Zero, or QuelSolaar.